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This movie has three different titles — All I Wanna Do, Strike!, and The Hairy Bird. They settled on All I Wanna Do (1998)but there are copies of the film with the other two titles on them as well. That might be why people who likely would have watched this movie haven’t yet, there was some marketing confusion, or so it seems.  

There are so many familiar faces in this great cast, leading and cameos alike. We are introduced to the all-girls school through a new student. She quickly learns that despite the strict rules, her new friends know how to get what they want. They overhear plans for their school to be combined with the all-boys school nearby. The girls devise a plan to sabotage the efforts of administrators, and keep their school the way they want it.

Verena: Right. Just image, we’ll have to wash our hair every night. We’ll have to sleep on rollers til our scalps bleed. Then we’ll have to get up at six every morning for the comb out. Your lungs will be lined with hairspray. Then you need all this equipment to push up the tits and blitz the zits and spray the pits! Then you stagger into class and you look perfect but you’re exhausted, you’re too tired to even think, but that’s okay the teachers they won’t call on you anyway. Also, you don’t want to be smarter than the boys. They don’t like that. So to wake yourself up you drink some coffee at lunch, but don’t eat the food. You’ll be on a permanent diet!

(insert obvious chick flick alert)